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Exciting News: Our Students Secure Placements in UI/UX Design!

Congratulations to our talented students at Pep Softwares for securing their dream placements in the dynamic world of UI/UX design. Their success is a testament to their exceptional skills and expertise, as they have been hired by prestigious tech firms and creative agencies.

At Pep Softwares, we focus on practical skill development in UI/UX design, guided by industry professionals. Through collaborative projects, students refine their craft, build portfolios, and receive reliable placement assistance. Join us to pursue a thriving career in UI/UX design.

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Want to Become a UI/UX Designer and Developer? 

Start your UI/UX design and development journey with Pep Softwares. Our expert-guided programs empower your career goals, whether you're a beginner or seeking skill enhancement. Join us now for a rewarding path to success.

Design Trainig Courses

UI UX Design course
(90 days) 

Learn advanced UX design processes, UI design principles. Hands-on training in Figma, Adobe XD to create app UI screens. Work on both mobile and web designs, honing your skills to become a skilled UI/UX designer

UI UX Design & web development course
(180 days)  

Learn UI/UX Design and front-end development languages to become a versatile designer proficient in multiple roles.

Web development course
(90 days)  

Join our comprehensive course to become a front-end developer in just 90 days, who brings mockups to life. Learn to transform design concepts into user-friendly websites.

For Registration/ Enquiry 

Registration Process is Completely Online: Register here (or) Contact Course Advisor For Inquiries on this Course Here (or) Call us at +91 63810 10282