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UI/UX Design  & Web Development Course

180 Days

Why UI/UX Design Course?

A UI/UX design course is essential for acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to create effective and user-friendly digital products. Students learn research, ideation, prototyping, and testing techniques to ensure alignment with user needs and business goals.

Why Web Development Course?

A web development course is worth considering due to its high demand and rewarding career prospects. Web development skills are versatile, applicable across various industries. Such courses also keep you updated on the latest technologies, enabling you to create cutting-edge web experiences. Furthermore, they provide opportunities to apply your skills to personal projects, enhancing your abilities.

HTML5, CSS3, ReactJS, MongoDB, Bootstrap: The Powerhouse Toolkit for Modern Web Development

HTML5 is the latest version of HTML, the foundation of web development. Learning HTML5 allows you to create structured and semantic web pages, optimizing accessibility and search engine friendliness.

CSS3 is the latest iteration of Cascading Style Sheets, which adds powerful styling capabilities to web pages. Understanding CSS3 enables you to design visually appealing and responsive interfaces, enhancing the user experience.

ReactJS is a popular JavaScript library for building dynamic and interactive user interfaces. With ReactJS, you can create reusable UI components, manage application state efficiently, and improve overall performance.

MongoDB is a NoSQL database that offers flexibility and scalability. By learning MongoDB, you can work with data in a non-relational format, allowing for faster development and handling of large datasets.

Bootstrapis a widely used front-end framework that provides a set of pre-designed components and responsive grid systems. Mastering Bootstrap allows you to create modern and mobile-friendly websites quickly, saving time and effort in the development process.

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UI/UX Design & Web Development Course (180 days)
Course Duration 

180 days

Session Count

66 Sessions



Total Hours

315 Hours


Course Completion Certificate

Course Fee

₹30,680 (Incl.Tax) 

Course Curriculum (UI/UXdesign)

# 1-30 DAYS 31-60 DAYS 61-150 DAYS
1 Introduction to UI/UX Design 10 heuristic evaluations Project 1 - Portfolio creation
2 Figma tool hands-on training How to conduct usability testing? Adobe XD tool hands-on training
3 Work on 50 UI design challenges Conduct affinity mapping session Project 2 - Design a website using Adobe XD
4 Conduct user interview with end-user 21 laws of UX Project 2 - Portfolio creation
5 Empathy Mapping Introduction to material design 2.0 & components Upload portfolio, design challenges in Behance
5 Researcher biases and participant biases Wireframes, Prototying, Grids HTML 5
6 User or customer journey mapping Navigations CSS 3
7 Identify and define a problem statement Colors & Typography Bootstrap 5
8 Understand user mental model Learn top web layouts Javascript
9 Understand user scenarios How to create UX design portfolio ReactJS - Part 1
10 Conduct card sorting exercise Project 1 - Design an Android app using Figma ReactJS - Part 2
11 Create Task flow, User flow, Content inventory, Site map
Course Curriculum (Web Development)

# HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 5 JavaScript ReactJS– Part 1 ReactJS– Part 2
1 Introduction to HTML 5 Introduction Introduction to React List, keys, refs
2 HTML 5 Basic tags Variables and Operators React Installation Fragments
3 HTML 5 Forms Element Control structures Create React app Router
4 Page Structured Elements Functions and Scope of variables React components CSS, Animation
5 Media Tags Objects: Array, Date, Math, String State, props, props validation, state vs props Map, Table
6 Cascading Style Sheet
o Types of Style Sheet
o Text-related CSS Properties
o Background CSS Properties
o Box Model
o CSS Positioning Properties
o FlexBox
RegExp Constructor Code splitting
7 Responsive web design: Introduction to Bootstrap 5, Grid basics, Tables, Images, Button, List, Drop down, Navs, Nav bar, Form inputs, Input groups, Modal HTML DOM, Collections, and Event Handling Component API and Component Life cycle, Hooks: useState, useEffect, useContext
8 Forms CRUD Operations using NoSQL Database, React and Node JS
9 Events
10 Conditional rendering Resume creation, Create & update social media profiles, Bonus sessions

Outcomes of UI/UX design & Web Development Course

1. Enhanced employability:

Completing a UI/UX design and web development course enhances students' skills, making them more desirable in the job market.

2. Improved job prospects:

Graduates have access to a wider range of opportunities, including front-end developers, UX/UI designers, and full-stack developers.

3. Higher earning potential:

Companies value skilled web developers and UI/UX designers, resulting in higher salaries for course graduates.

4. Entrepreneurial opportunities:

Skills are valuable for starting a business, creating digital products, or offering freelance services.

5. Overall:

Completing UI/UX design and web development courses leads to enhanced employability, improved job prospects, higher earning potential, and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Who is Eligible for the Course?

1. No specific degree or educational background is required, although some design knowledge or experience can be helpful.
2. Individuals interested in design, user experience, or user interface design can benefit from a UI/UX design course.
3. UI/UX design courses are suitable for individuals looking to improve their design skills, change careers, or enhance their knowledge in this field.
4. No specific degree or educational background is required, although some design knowledge or experience can be helpful.
5. Individuals interested in building websites or web applications can benefit from a web development course.
6. Web development courses are suitable for individuals looking to enhance their programming skills, change careers, or improve their understanding of web technologies.

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Any Questions? Answer Here!
What are all tools do I learn in web development?
HTML, CSS, ReactJS, Mongo DB, Bootstrap
What I will learn from web development course?
HTML 5, CSS 3, ReactJS, Mongo DB, Bootstrap 5
Do I need to learn coding for UI/UX design?
Yes, alogn with UI/UX design course process you need to learn front end development languages to become a UI/UX developer.
Do I get stipend for Intership?
No, this is a non-paid internship. But you'll get experience certificate for 30 days.

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