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Web Development Course

90 Days

How Joining a Web Development Course can Benefit me?

Joining a web development course can bring numerous benefits and greatly enhance your skills and career prospects. Here's how a web development course can benefit you:

1. In-demand Skills: A web development course equips you with the in-demand skills needed to create websites and web applications, meeting the increasing demand in today's digital landscape.

2. Career Opportunities: Joining a web development course enhances your career prospects by providing you with the knowledge and practical experience necessary to pursue rewarding opportunities in the web development industry.

3. Practical Learning: Web development courses offer hands-on learning experiences, allowing you to work on real-world projects and build a portfolio that showcases your skills to potential employers.

4. Versatility and Adaptability: Web development skills are versatile and applicable across various industries, giving you the flexibility to work in different sectors and adapt to evolving technologies.

5. Continuous Growth:Web development is a field that constantly evolves, and by joining a course, you stay updated with the latest trends and technologies, ensuring you remain competitive and capable of delivering innovative web solutions.

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Web Development (95 days)
Course Duration 

90 days

Session Count

24 Sessions



Total Hours

80 Hours


Course Completion

Course Curriculum

# HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 5 JavaScript ReactJS– Part 1 ReactJS– Part 2
1 Introduction to HTML 5 Introduction Introduction to React List, keys, refs
2 HTML 5 Basic tags Variables and Operators React Installation Fragments
3 HTML 5 Forms Element Control structures Create React app Router
4 Page Structured Elements Functions and Scope of variables React components CSS, Animation
5 Media Tags Objects: Array, Date, Math, String State, props, props validation, state vs props Map, Table
6 Cascading Style Sheet
o Types of Style Sheet
o Text-related CSS Properties
o Background CSS Properties
o Box Model
o CSS Positioning Properties
o FlexBox
RegExp Constructor Code splitting
7 Responsive web design: Introduction to Bootstrap 5, Grid basics, Tables, Images, Button, List, Drop down, Navs, Nav bar, Form inputs, Input groups, Modal HTML DOM, Collections, and Event Handling Component API and Component Life cycle, Hooks: useState, useEffect, useContext
8 Forms CRUD Operations using NoSQL Database, React and Node JS
9 Events
10 Conditional rendering Resume creation, Create & update social media profiles, Bonus sessions

Outcomes of Web Development Course

1. Understanding of Web Development Fundamentals: 

Students will learn web development basics like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, website architecture, design principles, and responsive design.

2. Knowledge of Web Development Tools:

Students will be familiar with popular web development tools such as text editors, version control systems, and frameworks.

3. Practical Skills and Experience:

Students will gain practical skills and experience in web development, which will enable them to develop real-world websites and applications.

4. Problem-Solving Skills:

Students will develop problem-solving skills for web development, including troubleshooting, debugging code, and resolving complex technical issues.

5. Career Opportunities:

A web development course opens up various career opportunities, such as web developer, front-end developer, full-stack developer, and more.  

Who is Eligible For Course?

Web Development Course:

1. No specific degree or educational background is required, although some design knowledge or experience can be helpful.
2. People who are interested in building websites or web applications can benefit from a web development course.
3. Web development courses can be suitable for individuals looking to enhance their programming skills, change careers, or improve their understanding of web technologies.

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Any Questions? Answer Here!
What are all the tools do I learn?
HTML 5, CSS 3, ReactJS, Mongo DS, Bootstrap
What tools and frameworks in web development?
Expect questions related to web development tools and frameworks such as jQuery, React, Angular, and Bootstrap.
Do I get placement assistance after internship?
Yes, you get placement assistance until you land on your first job
Do I get a experience certificate for internship?

For Registration/ Enquiry 

Registration Process is Completely Online: Register Here (or) Contact Course Advisor For Inquiries on this Course Here (or) Call us at +91 63810 10282

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