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Foundation of UI/UX Design

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Seminar-Foundation of UI/UX Design

Foundation of UI/UX Design - Seminar for Aspiring Designers

Learn User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design processes at our engaging seminar. Gain expertise in conducting interviews, problem identification, user persona creation, understanding mental models, wireframe development, and gathering design feedback through usability studies. Start your design career on the right track with the essential skills and insights needed to create remarkable user experiences.




3 Hours 




UX Topics
1. Introduction to UI and UX 4. Empathy map 7. Mental model
2. Problem statement 5. User Personas 8. Information architecture
3. Conduct user interview 6. User scenarios 9. Usability study
UI Topics
1. Wireframes - Low, Mid, Hi 3. Wireframes
2. Create prototype 4. UX Designer's portfolio


1. First step of become an UI/UX designer/ Product designer

Aspirants can design user-friendly mobile and website user interfaces (UI) that solve user problems, thus increasing the user experience.

2. Get Certified

Workshop completion certificate recognizing that you have laid the foundation in UI/UX design.

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